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Submitted on
October 25, 2011


48 (who?)
A feature to show you the wonderful results fellow deviants got from my Apophysis Blooms Tutorial and my Apophysis 3D Blooms Tutorial!

Thank you all for the great motivation and inspiration you give to me! Thank you all for making me so happy :thanks: I'm happy if I gave a piece of what I know to you. I'm happy if you made something beautiful with it. So many of you did. Thank you :heart:!!!

frozen in time by sewer-pancake :thumb263495343: glowing waterlily by sewer-pancake resplendent rose by sewer-pancake burning blossom by sewer-pancake Luff by acidangels Rising up by Xenji23 Obligatory Apo Blossom by Dubyahater Fractal Flower by Trollbraut Nature's Glass by rmcrowley2000 Moon Flower by FracFx Another Flower by moonhigh Melt My Heart by deloulark Sweetheart Bouquet by karlajkitty Haze by acidangels First Bloom by Tenel Light Shines by moonhigh Faerie disco by Liuanta Happy Flower by karlajkitty Midnight bloom for Chiara by Liuanta A blue one by Theli-at Glass flower by Theli-at Dedi for my son 16 years old by VirusNO1 Apophysis flower by Theli-at Black Dahlia 3D by SaTaNiA Diamond Dahlia by karlajkitty The Warmth Within by jadenkanan Darkness Without by lilyfae Flower Optics by lilyfae 2011 10 14 1 by VirusNO1 2011 10 13 8 by VirusNO1 African Violet by The-Apparition flower by lilyfae Flowers by lilyfae Incandescent by WhiteKimahri Out of Control by beautifulchaos1 Petal Soft by karlajkitty Crystal Bouquet by karlajkitty :thumb262789950: Baby Blue by moonhigh 3d flower 1 by nebulaborn Lily of the Lake by Lupus-deus-est Karla by Avantgarda Phantom by acidangels Last Flower by Ganjalvi Apophysis 3d Flower by fengda2870 Bloom by teen-lobotomy Lying Here Alone by TrulyRem Autumn Magic by Loony-Lucy Rain over me by WhiteKimahri :thumb262897129: Bloomin' Hell by Falcon0408 Bloomed by typologic Thankful For Tutorials by fractal2cry Scissors flower by Luc14n Fire Flower by EsotericLatitude Candy Rose by ConstanceKeat :thumb260620463: :thumb260620655: The Research Of I by Ganjalvi Natural Beauty by sjdebdaly Red, red rose by Liuanta Sunlight by heatstroke99 Expansion by heatstroke99 Cradle Of Light by PlasticMushroom WP - Eidolon by SaTaNiA And When It Rains by rvallync Orange flower by thetanforever Flower by thetanforever A drop of blood by lucid-light Glass and sparks by WhiteKimahri lovely flower by Fraktalise Bouquet... by CarpeDiem70 White Orchid by Volneth Following Flower by SuicideBySafetyPin Flowerings by SuicideBySafetyPin Young At Heart by Loony-Lucy Flower for Gaussian Challenge by tickingcounterparts A bit of Texture by Wi6791lly Azul by Clepsidras Natural by Wi6791lly Fractal Flower by Wi6791lly Amethyst chrisanth by WhiteKimahri Cold Fire by sjdebdaly Flower without name by muzucya TSUKUYOMIBANA by muzucya Gettinthegroove by Pumakitten Flower by Insomnia-Condrioid blue flower by plantm I see you by Insomnia-Condrioid Electric Mum by popp-phractal Crystal rose by WhiteKimahri First Flower by VGtar blood blossom by sewer-pancake purple plaid petals by sewer-pancake Rosy by CBennettPhotography tequila rose by sewer-pancake Cry by Astrantia01 Soul Light by buddhakat9 WP - Sunrise on a rose by SaTaNiA Desert Rose by StephLS still the prettiest by FridgeLogic Pink Flower by Fraktalise Flower light by Fraktalise Karinas Flower by Fraktalise Green Flower by Fraktalise Night Flower by Fraktalise Twilight Flower by Fraktalise Love at First Sight by DeirdreReynolds Purple Rose of Cairo by DeirdreReynolds Supernova by WhiteKimahri Flower by Arikashika Amber peony by WhiteKimahri Glass blossom by WhiteKimahri Violet Dahlia by Appareance Flower Power by Appareance Floreale by Appareance Black Lotus by Appareance Darkover Rose Of Passion by Appareance Rising horizon from Gama by Clepsidras Trapped Blossom by Golubaja My Rose by Golubaja Bloom Fascination by innac Red Bloom by caffe1neadd1ct Apo Bloom for JH by wolfepaw TSUKUYOMIBANA yokogaio by muzucya Cabbage by ladytalon Victorian Bouquet by Cadmonia Fractal 2b by Kribabe RIP Helena by mutequacky Distorted by SaTaNiA Dahlia III by SaTaNiA Happy B'day Michelle by Liuanta Flower003 by SnapesUnderwear Flowers001 by SnapesUnderwear :thumb194404470: Rosa galica by xerch Fuer Esther 2010 by Brigitte-Fredensborg Fuer Karin 2010 by Brigitte-Fredensborg Let there be Light by Gerda1946 Withering by heavenriver Bloom01 by Envy911 Turbulences by Tamatan :thumb189564032: :thumb189563796: :thumb189255687: :thumb189180433: :thumb188260294: Winterblues by blkcat13 Gloria by buddhakat9 Flower of Unknown Origin XI by MeddlerInc la Fioreitura by buddhakat9 Fractal Flower by Vampiress196 Blue by MG-ZG Auditore by alana-m rewolf smuuch by piethein21 Wallpaper 55 by Gerda1946 cold by actionjosh Perlmutt by Margot1942 :thumb190117403: on butterflies wings by sewer-pancake black pearl by sewer-pancake golden grace by sewer-pancake warp drive by rce-ordinary :thumb189741955: Orange Flower by Mythara Intermezzo by FridgeLogic bloom1 by Yaurady Violet Flower by Mythara Yellow Flower by Mythara Blue Flower by Mythara Rainbow Flowers by Mythara Indigo Flower by Mythara Green Flower by Mythara Black Velvet by Appareance Golden Flower by Appareance Flower Of Death by Appareance Remember Autumn by SaTaNiA Blush by heavenriver Flower 02 by Gerda1946 New Beginnings by Cosmic-Cuttlefish let it snow by sewer-pancake :thumb188198608: Lemon Tree by Xyrus-02 Fire Flower by ChaosFissure Rebirth by ChaosFissure

all taken from my "Made with my Resources" collection :love:
:thanks: thank you all for being so awesome :aww:!
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crotafang Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011
Your tutorial on Apo blooms was really helpful! :D :D
raevensdemise Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, thank you for the wonderful tutorial! You've inspired me to pick up fractalling again!
Xenji23 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for featuring me :hug:
Lupsiberg Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011   General Artist
Beautiful collection :clap: :clap:
LoneLain Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011
joeyboylondon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Flame on! :iconfantasticfourplz:
Margot1942 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
What wonderful blooms the people make. Thank you for including my "Perlmutt" flower.:-)
WhiteKimahri Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
Oh my! :wow:
Ci sono anche io! Grazie infiitamente dell'onore di apparire in questo stupendo articolo con frattalisti di cotanta bravura!! :glomp: :hug: :la:
Spamkiller Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fiori! Fiori ovunque!! :love:

E io che pensavo fosse arrivato l'autunno! =P

Astrantia01 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
This is a stunning beautiful feature! Thank you for including mine! :sun:
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